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The new version Moon Info HD especially for HP TouchPad is available in the AppCatalog: http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=de.roboter-teile.moon-hd and provides all the functions of the Moon Info Pro with a new layout made for the TouchPad.

The development of Moon Info Pro goes on, the next update will contain a calendar integration for the most important data.

As of now a new WebOS App Morse Generator is available in the Palm AppCatalog for free.

The App was written as fun App rather for the Palm PDK-HotApps-Contest.
Because of some delays during development and a long time for review by Palm the App is released just today.

The Morse Code Generator converts the entered text into the nostalgic morse sound from the history of radio communication. Still today the morse code is used in amateur radio and automated radio beacons.
Provided are the letters A-Z, the digits 0-9 and the special characters .,+@=()?-/#
With the Sym-Key you can generate the emergency call SOS conforming to standards.
You can hear the sound over the loudspeaker of the WebOS device, the speed is adjustable in 3 steps from 5WPM to 20WPM.

A new introductory video of Moon Info Pro is on youtube:

There is a new release of Moon Info Pro available in the AppCatalog: http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=de.roboter-teile.moon-pro

Now you can export the most important data to your calendar.

A new version of Moon Info Pro is available at http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=de.roboter-teile.moon-pro-beta for the WebOS devices Palm Pre or Pixi. You can download and try it out for free. The programm is currently still in beta, that means there can be small flaws or incomplete descriptions etc..
If you discover an issue or if you have ideas or wishes for the further development, please send a mail or write a comment here or an instant message with the weblog system.

The greatest step forward in the new version is the integration of the export of Data to the WebOS Calendar. That means you can export the whole lunar cycle or details like moon rise, moon set , blue hour etc. for every day to the calendar of your mobile device. Also you can export the next ”Void of Course”- Data to the calendar.

On the detail pages with the calendar export function there is a calendar symbol at the bottom between the navigation buttons, one click and the data will added to the calendar. If the entry is already in the calendar, there is no problem, it will be overwritten.
To export the whole lunar cycle to the calendar use the menu item. Than the entries for 2x New Moon, First- and Last quarter, and Full Moon will be generated.

The current beta version will expire at 27. August 2010 11:59 PM.

Update 21.08.2010: – New Beta Version V.1.0.10

– The observer coordinates  (manually entered or measured with GPS) are relocated now, if Google-services available and used for description of the city for calendar entries,  (example: 01159 Dresden, DE)
– Descriptions for Twilight / Blue Hour in Calendar changed

WebOSroundup tested our App Moon Info Pro and made a review: http://www.webosroundup.com/2010/08/moon-info-pro-review/

The new professional version Moon Info Pro for WebOS is available in the AppCatalog: http://bit.ly/avp8AG and provides all the functions of the base version plus much more detailed information:

  • moon-rise and moon-set
  • signs of the zodiac and current constellation
  • topocentric coordinates: altitude & azimuth
  • geocentric coordinates: ecliptical and equatorial
  • maximum declination in north and south
  • passing moon through the nodes
  • apogee and perigee
  • ascending and descending moon (astrological)
  • element of the zodiac sign (astrological)
  • Moon Void of Course (astrological)
  • Sun-rise and sun-set
  • Blue Hour – for photographers

The development of Moon Info Pro goes on, the next update will contain a calendar integration for the most important data.  For future updates is planned:

  • More data for moon Void of Course  (current version supports the year 2010 only)
  • alternative input of  the observer coordinates with a list of cities
  • calculation of lunar eclipses

The beta test of the professional version Moon Info Pro is in the hot phase, only few days until the release of the program.
Today some first impressions with the pages to show the wealth of information the program will provide.

New Update for Moon Info available:

  • French Localization – Thanks to Yannick Le Ny for translation
  • Small balancing problem with alpha-blending by the moon phase image fixed.

New Update for Moon Info available:

  • some small issues were fixed
  • Improvement of the user interface:  Following the forthcoming professional version of moon info the user interface was changed.
    Tapping on each icon or text of the moon cycle in the right area of the screen will set the date/time to the appropriate value, the New Moon fields will scroll to the previous or next moon cycle.