The new professional version Moon Info Pro for WebOS is available in the AppCatalog: and provides all the functions of the base version plus much more detailed information:

  • moon-rise and moon-set
  • signs of the zodiac and current constellation
  • topocentric coordinates: altitude & azimuth
  • geocentric coordinates: ecliptical and equatorial
  • maximum declination in north and south
  • passing moon through the nodes
  • apogee and perigee
  • ascending and descending moon (astrological)
  • element of the zodiac sign (astrological)
  • Moon Void of Course (astrological)
  • Sun-rise and sun-set
  • Blue Hour – for photographers

The development of Moon Info Pro goes on, the next update will contain a calendar integration for the most important data.  For future updates is planned:

  • More data for moon Void of Course  (current version supports the year 2010 only)
  • alternative input of  the observer coordinates with a list of cities
  • calculation of lunar eclipses