A new version of Moon Info Pro is available at http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=de.roboter-teile.moon-pro-beta for the WebOS devices Palm Pre or Pixi. You can download and try it out for free. The programm is currently still in beta, that means there can be small flaws or incomplete descriptions etc..
If you discover an issue or if you have ideas or wishes for the further development, please send a mail or write a comment here or an instant message with the weblog system.

The greatest step forward in the new version is the integration of the export of Data to the WebOS Calendar. That means you can export the whole lunar cycle or details like moon rise, moon set , blue hour etc. for every day to the calendar of your mobile device. Also you can export the next ”Void of Course”- Data to the calendar.

On the detail pages with the calendar export function there is a calendar symbol at the bottom between the navigation buttons, one click and the data will added to the calendar. If the entry is already in the calendar, there is no problem, it will be overwritten.
To export the whole lunar cycle to the calendar use the menu item. Than the entries for 2x New Moon, First- and Last quarter, and Full Moon will be generated.

The current beta version will expire at 27. August 2010 11:59 PM.

Update 21.08.2010: – New Beta Version V.1.0.10

– The observer coordinates  (manually entered or measured with GPS) are relocated now, if Google-services available and used for description of the city for calendar entries,  (example: 01159 Dresden, DE)
– Descriptions for Twilight / Blue Hour in Calendar changed